Troubleshooting Analyzer Voltages

Analyzer voltage too high

Description: A section of the mobility analyzer central electrode has an abnormally high voltage.

Solution: For older instruments the output voltage of the central electrode voltage sources may slowly drift over time. If the voltage is above 15% of the nominal value, then the voltage source needs to be adjusted. The part should be sent to Airel.

Analyzer voltage too low

Description: A section of the mobility analyzer central electrode has an abnormally low voltage.

Solution: The central electrode voltages reach their nominal values in about 5 – 30 minutes after the instrument has been switched on. The voltage values will slowly increase towards the nominal value. It is normal that there is a warning about the low voltages until the voltages have stabilized.

If the voltages do not reach the correct value then it needs to be established whether the problem is caused by the voltage source or there is a short circuit in the analyzer. Therefore it should be checked if the issue perists when the voltage source is disconnected from the analyzer:

  1. Switch off the instrument.
  2. Disconnect the the voltage cable connected to the bottom of the analyzer.
  3. Start the instrument, run the measurement and wait for voltage stabilization.

If the issue remains, then the problem is related to the voltage source or the data acquisition system. Please contact Airel for further help. It may be necessary to send the voltage source for repairs or replacement.

If the issue disappears, then the it is related to the analyzer. It may be necessary to carry out a thorough analyzer cleaning with special attention to the central electrode. Check the gaps between the electrodes. Measure the electrical resistance between different central electrode sections and between the sections and ground.