3.4  Analyzer Cleaning



  1. Move the instrument where you can access it from all sides.

  2. Remove the top cover and remove the side panels.

  3. Remove the 8 bolts that attach the charger filter unit base plate to the instrument frame.

    Remove top bolts

  4. Remove the 6 long rods that connect the analyzer top and bottom plates. There are three rods per analyzer. Don’t lose the washers on the rods.

    Remove rods

  5. Disconnect the DB9 power and USB communication cables from the TOP DAQ and pull the cables through the hole in the charger filter unit base plate.

    Remove DB9 and USB cables

  6. Disconnect the sheath flow tubes.

    Remvoe sheath flow tubes

  7. Prepare a flat, level and clean ~ 60 x 100 cm desk surface near the instrument.

  8. Lift the charger-filter-unit up and place it on the desk.

    Remove charger filter unit

  9. Unscrew the central electrode “top nut”.

    Unscreq top nut

  10. Detach the centering ring (“Cartwheel”).

    Detach centering ring

  11. Disconnect the DB9 power and USB communication cables from the electrometer DAQ

    Disconnect DB9 and USB cables

  12. Lift the outer shell of the analyzer and place it upright on a table. The central electrode remains in place.

    Lift analyzer outer shell

  13. Clean the central electrodes inside the instrument and collecting electrodes in outer shell that was lifted away. Use soft tissue paper or cloth and alcohol. Prefer materials that do not leave fibers.

  14. Reassemble the analyzer following the steps in reverse and repeat the steps for the other analyzer.

    Pay attention that the electrometer cables are not accidentally disconnected when lifting or lowering the analyzer outer shell.

  15. Reassemble the instrument.

Note You can run the instrument for a short while without reattaching the 6 analyzer rods and 8 base plate bolts. It is a good idea to first confirm that all electrodes are clean and there are no more noisy electrometers. This will save time if it turns out that some problems were not solved and the analyzer needs to be cleaned again.