3.2  Discharger Cleaning


Discharger cleaning can help with the following problems:


  1. Remove the top cover of the instrument.

  2. Disconnect the discharger coaxial plug.

    Discharger socket

  3. Unscrew the discharger needle holder. You may use narrow pliers or tweezers in the two holes.

    Unscrew discharger

    Discharger needle holder

  4. Clean the discharger shielding cylinder with a tissue paper or cloth and alcohol.

  5. Check that the o-ring around the base is in good condition.

  6. Grab the needle from the neck holder with tweezers or pliers and carefully pull it out.

  7. Carefully scrub the needle with tweezers or a sharp knife.

    Needle cleaning

  8. Push the needle back in. Make sure the needle remains straight.

  9. Screw the discharger needle holder back.

  10. Reconnect the discharger coaxial plug.